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Fun With V and Evey - Moods by Vincent_Valentine

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And I am back with yet another piece in the never ending, poorly written Fun With V and Evey saga. More 'insomnia inspired' rubbish, alas. And the title...the title...


Freedom! Forever! Enjoy!


I do not own anything to do with V for Vendetta. Just ask anyone.
Fun With V and Evey - Moods

Evey yawned widely and opened her eyes. She checked the clock on the nightstand and found it was way too early to get up. Why am I up? She wondered, sitting up and yawning widely again, brushing her hair quickly. She shrugged and flopped back down onto her bed. Being in the Shadow Gallery was messing up her internal clock and she frowned a little, before an image of V's smiling mask sprang to mind. She smiled then, deciding to get up.

There was no music and there was no sign of breakfast cooking, it was way too early, for her anyway. The Shadow Gallery was silent; its lights still turned down in its 'night time' mode. Maybe he's not here, she thought downhearted, walking to the kitchen and pouring herself a glass of juice, gulping it down quickly. Maybe it'll be just me and the paintings today, she thought, hoping she was wrong. She considered going back to bed but didn't feel sleepy anymore, so she decided to stay up, maybe catch V at his morning routine. She loved to watch him, in that daft apron.

Grabbing a bowl of strawberries from the fridge she popped one into her mouth, refilling the glass before proceeding to the telly room, taking the bowl of strawberries with her. Her first order of the day would be to find something to watch. Maybe cartoons, she smiled.

What's this? She wondered, finding the telly room lights had been turned off, so the entire alcove was in darkness. She walked into the darkness, trying to find the light switch, and jumped in surprise, almost dropping the bowl and glass, startled to find V here, seated in the dark before the telly.

'V!' She gasped 'God! You frightened me.'

V did not acknowledge her, remaining as he was, quite still, leaning forward a little, the mask staring straight ahead.

'V?' Evey asked as she drew closer, wondering what could be wrong. She set the bowl and drink down on the glass coffee table.

Still no reply, and Evey wondered if he'd fallen asleep watching something but no, the telly was off, which made her concerned as to why V would be seated alone in the dark. She placed a hand on the sofa's padded armrest and V's mask turned slightly to her, acknowledging her presence for the first time.

'Evey.' V spoke softly, his voice betraying an emotion Evey hadn't heard before from him, almost surprised to find her here.

'Is something wrong?' Evey asked worried.

'No Evey' V replied, shaking his head lightly.

Something's definitely wrong, Evey thought, growing more worried by the minute, feeling V's eyes on her for a moment as she sat opposite to him.

'What's wrong V?' Evey asked, looking into the mask's hollow eyes and hopefully his 'please, tell me.'

He remained silent, turning away from her

For a moment Evey remembered her mother, and she tried to imagine how her mother might deal with this situation. Well, she reasoned, firstly her mother wouldn't be here, trying to find out what could be troubling this very dangerous, masked vigilante. Her mother had been such a clever woman, what would she do in this situation?

'Please?' Evey smiled gently, not knowing what to do if he said nothing

'Forgive me Evey' V apologised, still not looking at her 'I fear I'm not very good company at present.'

The mask turned to her for a moment, the briefest moment, before turning away, unwilling or unable to say any more.

'Please' Evey asked, 'tell me, I won't tell,' she pretended to have a tiny key in her hand, locking her lips tightly before throwing it away 'I promise.'

She was relieved when V shook his head lightly, laughing softly, briefly amused by her antics. She reached for his hand but he moved faster than she'd expected and she touched nothing as he drew away, clasping them on his lap.

'"It is a melancholy of mine own,"' V replied softly, waving one hand vaguely over the mask as it tilted a little '" a most humorous sadness." Nothing to be concerned with, it will pass' murmured 'yes, it always does.'

Melancholy. Evey thought about this. She'd never imagined that such a vibrant, and dangerous, individual could be disturbed by anything.

'Can you tell me why?' She asked

Why? V thought, recalling the reasons as to his current mood. How could he tell her? What could he tell her? Of his sleepless nights? Of his pacing the Gallery's corridors at night? Could he burden her mind with the misery of his shattered life, the horrors he'd witnessed and had been subjected to?

He'd awoken during the night, three or four nights ago (it was so hard to remember when) because of a dream, a nightmare, a nightmare filled with the stench of death, an ingrained memory of Larkhill's brutal atmosphere. Such a potent memory! It had pursued him into the waking world, tainting the very air he breathed, causing him to stare wide eyed into the darkness.

And from the darkness had sprung so many horrors! Leering at him with disdain, pleading with hollow eyes, contorted in grimaces of hate or suffering. Larkhill's children, Delia's failures, paraded before him from the darkest recesses of his mind. Twisted grotesques that shambled from the darkness on distorted limbs, casting insane, hateful glances at him before retreating once more into the shadows.

The wailing of countless voices joined in a chorus of misery plagued his dreams. Men and women screaming, pleading, accompanied by the terrifying echoes of rattling steel bars, the banging of heavy metal doors, the scraping of fingernails against concrete, of bodies being dragged across rough concrete, the gnashing, cringing of teeth in abject misery. Heavy truncheons striking flesh again and again, the shattering of bone.

No sleep! No sleep for what felt like an eternity. Not when sleep was filled with such horrors. It didn't matter if the lights were on or off, if it was day or night; the darkness was inside him, gnawing little by little at what remained of his sanity, eroding the boundaries between his waking and dreams. Neither his music nor his books provided comfort when this mood overpowered his mind.

Episodes like this one were not as frequent as they used to be, but had grown in intensity as the completion of his task approached. Death was calling him, taunting him to fail in his great endeavour after so many years of perseverance.

No! He grit his teeth and clenched his fists, forgetting Evey's presence for the briefest moment. Death would not have him, not yet, not until the Vendetta was fulfilled and all deserving paid their just dues! He looked to Evey, at once remembering her and wondering how she would react if he volunteered his nightmares to her, knowing it would do nothing more than corrupt her dreams with his darkness, something unforgivable to his mind.

'No' he finally replied to her question, unclenching his fists, relaxing once more into the numb wakefulness he'd become accustomed to of late.

Evey didn't believe him. She'd witnessed his discomfort, with her presence or something else she couldn't really say. There was something else too, a terrible weariness that emanated from his form, from his posture, like he hadn't slept properly in a while. She recalled her father acting similarly after her brother's death, after the funeral, but although her father had confided in her mother, V didn't or couldn't confide in her.

'Okay then' Evey spoke softly; disappointed at her inability to gain his trust or to offer help 'I'm sorry I bothered you.' She rose 'I'll leave if you want.'

This sparked an immediate reaction from him. She's leaving, he thought with slight panic. He'd thought it best to remain alone with his demons until they abated, like so many times before, but now the thought of remaining alone made him uneasy. He needed to be close to her, now.

'Evey' he spoke softly, fearing she might not hear him at all and walk away

Turning around Evey saw the mask turned fully to her since she'd been here.

'Can I ask...' he began, unsure of how to phrase his request 'Will you...sit...with me, for a little?'

Evey didn't know what to say. He was usually so private. Not shy, certainly not, but obviously not used to company. Something really bad must be worrying him, Evey thought concerned, if he's asking me to stay.

'You don't have to agree' V spoke, feeling Evey might decline his request after all.

Don't agree? Evey was perplexed. An army of police couldn't have dragged her away from this opportunity to be closer to him. She couldn't ignore the attraction she'd developed for him, the strangest and most wonderful person she'd never seen, but she'd never imagined he'd feel anything for her in return. Did he feel anything for her? That had always been her nagging doubt. He was always such a gentleman, so proper about everything. It surprised her to think that V might actually think she didn't enjoy his company or would refuse him the simple kindness of her presence in this moment.

'I'll stay' Evey smiled gently, moving closer to him 'if you want me to.'

'Thank you.' He spoke.

They sat together in the dark, Evey looking about her as her eyes adjusted a little to the darkness, staring at the telly and its blank screen, the stereo system, now silent. She turned her eyes to V briefly and found him still looking at nothing at all, the mask standing out from the darkness that enveloped him. For the briefest moment, and to her utter amazement, she saw the mask nod slightly, drooping forward a little, justifying her earlier suspicions.

She moved slowly, edging closer to him until she finally managed to touch his hand, and the moment she did she felt him tense immediately. It was very bold of her, she knew that, but then again he'd been very bold in asking her to stay. He didn't say a word, letting her take his hand in hers, letting her study it, letting her hold it. She looked up and found the mask turned in her direction.

'Evey' he spoke 'I...'

'Shhh' Evey pressed a finger to the mask's lips, before leaning her head against his shoulder, causing him to catch his breath 'Its all right'

Beneath the mask V closed his eyes. Evey's presence had a soothing, almost intoxicating effect on him, dispelling the darkness from his mind. Weary, barely able to keep his eyes open, V willingly drew closer to her, resting his head on hers. In her presence, there was no darkness to torment him, no foes to vanquish, just Evey. Nothing but innocent beauty and the hope of something long forgotten, remembered as a cherished memory and no more. Evey, he thought, you don't know what you do to me.

Evey, to her surprise, heard a sound, the briefest sound from his lips as he drew closer. She thought it might be a sign of weariness from him but no, it sounded, to her ears, more like a sigh of longing, and she smiled in delight, entwining her arm about his shoulders in a gentle embrace.

'You haven't had a good night's sleep in ages' Evey spoke gently 'have you?'

He didn't reply

'I can tell,' she continued 'the way you move. I can hear it in your voice. You're tired.' She looked to him 'and you don't want to be alone.'

'No' he spoke 'and yet, I must remain so.'


'There are things' he spoke 'so many things I...'

This is the time, he thought through the weary haze. The time to say it, here, in her arms: Evey, I love you. I love you with all my heart, with all my being. Lord, if only he could volunteer this deepest of emotions. Instead he found himself speaking words he'd never meant for her to hear.

'Does it surprise you to see a sign of weakness?' He asked from the darkness 'the "valiant vigilante", oh so very mortal after all?' He laughed softly, in a self-deprecatory gesture, surprised by his own bluntness 'Do you think me mad, Evey?' he asked

Evey tensed but said nothing

'Its polite to reply' V continued

Evey couldn't find anything to say. She wasn't about to argue the point with a man that wore a mask, had a perchance for explosives and lived in an underground lair.

'Sort of' she finally spoke 'just a little, not completely off your nut.'

He chuckled softly at Evey's reply

'Ah Evey' he sighed 'your candour is, as always, most welcome. If you must know, "The Only difference between me and a madman"' he spoke '"is that I am not mad."'

'Shhh' Evey silenced him 'no more talking, or I'm leaving.'

'No' he spoke softly 'please, stay.'

I want to tell you, that I love you, he thought, unable to speak even one word of it. Knowing what the future held for him, how could he tell her such a thing? Apart from his love there was nothing he could offer her, nothing!

'Its not very comfortable here' Evey grumbled softly after a little 'I'm getting a creaky neck.'

She rose and he didn't stop her, looking after her in questioning.
Was she going to leave him after all? Well, he'd imposed on her more than enough for one evening and it wouldn't do to keep her from her rest.

'C'mon' Evey extended her hand to him, much to his surprise.

V took her hand and followed her obediently, curious of her motives.

'Where are you taking me?' he asked

V followed Evey's lead to the door of her room, where he paused, feeling Evey tugging at his hand as he stood at the threshold

'No' he began to argue 'I...shouldn't be here'

'Just come along' Evey insisted 'I promise you'll be safe with me.'

He followed her, reluctantly, inside his former room, not knowing why she had brought him here and feeling uncomfortable to intrude in her privacy. Evey's room was twilit by the single lamp she kept next to her bed, casting a muted glow of rose and gold. There was a hint of frangipani and jasmine in the air, and tiny feminine touches here and there that did not go unnoticed by him.
Her bed loomed ahead, dressed in the dark, iridescent bedspread he'd acquired for her.

'I thought' Evey began 'since you don't want to sleep in you bed...'

It didn't take long for him to piece the rest of her sentence together and almost at once he began to retreat

'I shouldn't...' he began, shaking his head 'this is most improper of me...'

'I won't do anything to you' Evey held on to him 'I'm not that sort of girl.'

'Oh?' V asked, forming a quizzical look from behind the mask

'Trust me.' Evey insisted 'please?'

V closed his eyes. Was this real or a fantasy? He took a deep breath, standing his ground, wondering when he would awaken to rue the vividness of his dreams. He felt Evey's hands, tugging at his, opened his eyes to behold Evey's face, awaiting his word. Were these real? It didn't really matter.
For the first time in a long time he felt safe in the presence of another.

'If you wish.' He finally conceded.

It was no use; he could not fight her. Her voice, her presence held him enthralled. He followed her lead as she sat next to him on the bed, smiling gently when he finally lay down. She moved quickly to switch off the lamp, so now the room was in darkness.

'Isn't this better?' Evey asked gently as he lay outstretched on her bed.

He was too weary to reply, already succumbing to the softness of the mattress beneath him, until he felt her hand stray to the high collar of his doublet.

Evey winced briefly as her hand was gripped by his after she successfully undid the first fastening. Neither said a word, Evey looking directly into the mask's whiteness, knowing his eyes were looking at her. In surprise or shock she didn't know, and didn't really care. The opportunity had presented itself and she was going to take every advantage she could get.

'If you must know' he whispered, looking into Evey's eyes as she leaned over him 'I find what you are doing extremely reprehensible.'

'You do?' Evey asked, placing her free hand on his chest


'Aren't you going to stop me then?' Evey looked to the mask

'Do you want me to?' He asked

'I asked you first' Evey insisted

'I don't know' V replied, releasing her hand 'I don't want to think any more' he volunteered 'not for some time.'

'Then don't' Evey's hand touched the mask gently 'just...sleep. Please?'

She finished undoing the high collar and dared no more. Instead she tried moving the mask from his face, to make him more comfortable.

'No' V held the mask to his face; his "no" had finality about it.

'Okay' Evey agreed

They were silent for some time, Evey leaning by the edge of the bed, her head resting on her folded arms while she watched over him.
She felt weary, remembering then how early it still was, feeling her eyes closing slowly

'Evey' V spoke softly, breaking the silence 'Why did you bring me here?' he asked innocently

'I wanted to help you' She replied, her mind hazy with sleep


'Because, silly' Evey smiled 'just...because'

He rose on one elbow, turning to her, surprising her as his free hand slipped behind her neck, bringing her closer to the mask so they were face to face. Evey carried the scent of strawberries and jasmine on her, and a gentle aura that had finally conquered his nightmares. He did love her so, if only he could think, express the deepest feelings of his heart, but all thought vanished in her presence.

Surprised by this gesture Evey closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of his face radiate through it, his hand holding her close to him.

'Thank you' he spoke softly, his voice filled with genuine gratitude before retreating, leaving Evey with a sense of emptiness in her heart.

If he'd kissed me, Evey opened her eyes, looking after him as he relaxed once more, if only he'd kissed me. She felt him relax gradually; looking after him until she was sure he was deeply asleep. She smiled, letting him rest, wondering of what to do next, now that he occupied her bed. For the briefest moment she considered the sofa. Why would I do that? She wondered, when this is my bed after all!

Without a second thought for what V would think she rose and sidled next to him on the bed, too tired now and too sleepy to care.
Her bed was small, so she was right next to him as he slept, feeling the gentle rhythm of his heartbeat, closing her eyes and feeling her own heart synchronise to his until the world fell silent and she thought no more.

Sometime later Evey awoke, and found herself in the most embarrassing, yet not completely unwelcome, situation. In their slumber they had been drawn together, so now she rested nestled within his arms amongst the crumpled bedspread. She didn't want to move, not daring to awaken V, and not wanting to do so.
Her hands were clasped in his and his arms were about her. His chest was pressed against her back and she could feel the warmth of his breath through the mask pressed lightly against her neck, as well as the gentle beating of his heart.

What to do? She thought in brief panic, knowing V would bolt from the room the moment he awoke, and she didn't want to destroy his peaceful moment by making him feel awkward. She tried shifting a little

'Mmmm...' V complained softly

Easy now, Evey continued moving, ever so slowly, until she managed to sit up and rise. Good, she thought, looking back briefly at V, who had not woken. I'm off to breakfast now; she smiled at him as he slept. I'll make something for when you awake later, hopefully much later. She tiptoed out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Evey never saw his eyes behind the mask, open and aware of her struggles not to wake him, believing him asleep. She never saw his eyes looking after her departure. He'd been awake long before her, remaining still so as not to disturb her gentle sleep. Alone now, V reached to the space she'd recently occupied next to him, his hand caressing the fading warmth of the material beneath it, closing his eyes, recalling her beauty.

'"How sweet it would have tasted"' he grasped at the material '"just a drop"'

Finis of Moods

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