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Fun With V and Evey - Pieces by Vincent_Valentine

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And so it continues!
If you enjoyed the first of the 'Fun With V and Evey' saga then you might like this one. If not there's plenty of other great fics to read (and my eyes shall weep anon).
Once again its mostly 'insomnia' inspired rubbish.
Freedom! Forever! Enjoy!
I don't own V for Vendetta, I just watched the movie five times for luck.
Fun with V and Evey Part II - Pieces
Evey couldn' sleep.
She tossed and turned, trying to get more comfortable but nothing so far. What time was it anyway? She reached across the bed and turned the clock's face towards her. It was almost midnight.
Bloody rotten hour to be awake! She swore in her head and grabbing the nearest pillow, pressed it against her face. GRrrrrrr!!
She tossed the pillow aside and sat up, somewhat dizzy from lack of sleep and tiredness. It wasn't the bed's fault, it was just one of those things.
She picked up a book from the nearest stack and began to read without any real interest. It was too late to read, or too early, depending how you looked at it. Maybe something to help her sleep? A nice glass of warm cocoa would be lovely!
Gathering her robe about her she opened the door and stepped outside.
The Gallery's lights had been turned down so it appeared twilit and more mysterious than usual. Was V here? She wondered. A note on the kitchen table in the moring would inform her if he wasn't.
She was about to make her way to the kitchen when V appeared from an adjacent corridor, bearing a box in his hands. She remained silent and let him walk by. Even on his own he didn't make a sound, Evey mused and smiled. She watched him walk into the study and followed as quietly as she could. Even though her feet were bare she couldn't help but tiptoe after him, afraid that he'd turn around, surprise her and dismiss her back to bed.
In other occassions she wouldn't have minded, but tonight her curiosity had gotten the better of her. She wanted to find out what V was up to. Slowly she gathered her robe and sat down onto the stone floor, huddled amongst the shadows at the entrance of the study, watching as he set the box down on the table before he began to clear a space on the floor, moving furniture and valuable artworks aside as gently as he could.
Evey watched in amazement as he effortlessly lifted one of the bronzes and carefully set it aside. She never imagined he'd be so strong!
'Sorry to put you out, but I require the space temporarily.' V spoke and patted the bronze statue's shoulder with camaraderie 'no sulking now, that's a good chap.'
Evey clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle.
Meanwhile V surveyed the cleared space. Apparently satisfied he then retrieved the box and opened it, letting the contents drop onto the floor. With a clatter of stiff cardboard hundreds of jigsaw pieces fell on to the stone floor into a rather substantial pile, like a tiny mountain.
V sat down, cross-legged on the floor with his back to her, and set the box next to him. He took the lid and examined the finished puzzle displayed there.
'Hmmmm' V considered the pile of jigsaw pieces 'let's see...'
Setting the lid back down he set to work, sifting through the pile, looking for pieces.
Soon he had the frame done. It was a rather large puzzle. One of those thousand pieces monsters Evey dreaded V would set on her to keep her busy.
Evey watched in silence from her vantage point, fascinated at the speed in which V had armed the frame. Soon he'd began to add pieces and expanding the puzzle.
Time flew by, Evey didn't know how long she'd sat there, watching V at work. Then to her surprise V sighed heavily and stretched before rising, surveying his work for a moment, and disappearing into the kitchen. He returned humming, with a wine glass and a bottle of wine.
He poured himself a glass and swirled it gently, before looking left and right with suspicion. Apparently satisfied he was alone, and much to Evey's astonishment, he lifted the mask and had a quick sip, replacing the mask just as quickly.
Evey was aghast! She had never seen him remove the mask. It was something unthinkable!. She thought she'd imagined it but there! He did it again! and this time he'd chuckled!
Evey was amazed to see V feeling so at ease. But then again this was his home. Where else can you feel safer than home?
Setting the glass down he began to hum the Girl from Ipanema and continued adding more pieces. After some time the top half was discernible but from her place Evey couldn't see what it was and she desperately wished she could see the box's cover or part of the puzzle he'd finished so far.
V stretched and laid down on his side on the floor, resting his head on his left arm as his right took the wine glass and swirled the contents, examining his handiwork so far. It was such a casual pose, and so uncharacteristic of V, that she felt like laughing aloud, and she didn't want to be caught now.
'Where are all the pieces?' He asked suddenly 'I know they're here somewhere.'
Evey didn't understand V's statement, but then again she knew so little about him.
Evey felt as if she'd been sitting in her spot for what seemed an eternity. Her legs, her entire body had grown numb but she refused to move for fear of getting caught.
'You know Evey,' V suddenly spoke aloud 'you're welcome to join me if you want.'
Evey gasped, realising that all this time V had know she was here, spying on him. She felt her entire body turn beet red in embarrassment.
'Well?' V's body sprang into action and he sat cross-legged on the floor once more, this time facing her, Guy Fawke's mask smiling a her cheekily, reflecting V's merryment 'don't you want to help me finish this?'
'Sorry.' Evey apologised and rose, walking tentatively on numb legs to V 'I shouldn't have been spying on you.'
'Quite all right.' V waved Evey's apology aside and returned his attention to the puzzle 'I find your well placed curiosity rather refreshing.'
He leaned forward and stroked the mask's chin pensively 'If I could only find all the pieces...'
Evey heard something in V's voice.She heard a brief tinge of sadness.
'But I know they're all here' the mask turned upwards to look at Evey 'Isn't that strange?'
'Can I see?' Evey indicated the box.
'Here,' V passsed it to Evey and his attention returned to the puzzle as he set a couple of more pieces in place.
Evey had been half right about the number of pieces. The puzzle was of a strange, surreal landscape full of mythical characters in a fantastical rose garden.
'It looks complicated.' She offered and handed the box back.
'Indeed.' V agreed and put the box lid down, setting more pieces in place 'I might be here all night.'
Evey doubted V would finish it all in one night.
'Can I stay?' Evey asked.
'If you wish.' V spoke without real interest, absorbed in the puzzle 'If you see any swan heads let me know. So far I've found nothing but necks.'
Evey giggled.
'Don't just stand there woman,' V's voice was full of mock sternness as he beckoned Evey to join him on the floor 'there are pieces to be found.' '
Yes sir.' Evey sat down next to him and began to sift through the unsorted pieces.
Within moments she too was absorbed in finding the right pieces, sorting and separating them. V had applauded when she'd finally found two matching pieces, fifteen minutes later.
Evey had grown so absorbed that she'd forgoten her insomnia. She also failed to see V had given up sorting through the pieces and was instead, busy watching her do it.
Concealed behind the mask his eyes admired the way her hands sifted through the tiny cardboard pieces, the way she brushed a lock of golden hair aside, too deep in concentration to stop.
He didn't know which was more interesting: the gentle way in which she sorted the pieces or her stern concentration in the puzzle.
Either way V was absolutely enchanted, content to watch Evey move, happy to have someone to share his home and treasures.
"Beauty is power; a smile is its sword" He quoted in his mind, and indeed, she was so very beautiful.
He'd lost all interest in the puzzle now, concentrating on Evey instead.
"She was more than human to me. She was a Fairy, a Sylph, I don't know what she was - anything that no one ever saw," He continued to quote in his head, watching as Evey set more pieces in place. She looked up and smiled at him.
V nodded his approval and let her continue.
"everything that everybody ever wanted. " He thought.
He was enthralled by Evey's presence until Evey's words brought him back to reality.
'Two more...' Evey spoke and looked over the puzzle, setting the pieces in place, oblivious of V's admiration 'here!'
She returned to the unsorted pieces
'V' she asked 'have you found any roses?'
'Yes' V replied softly 'one. A rose amongst thorns.'
'Give it here.' Evey extended her hand in expectation without looking. To her surprise V took it and held it.
Evey looked up from her work and found herself face to face with V's mask, Guy Fawkes' porcelain visage staring into hers.
'What is it?' She asked softly, finding herself trembling under the mask's blank stare, knowing V's eyes were full on her.
V was silent, apparently considering something for a moment.
"I was swallowed up in an abyss of love in an instant. There was no pausing on the brink..." He wanted to say aloud.
That was it, wasn't it? He blinked at the realisation of it. He was on the brink of falling... Good lord!
'V?' he heard Evey ask, her voice trembled with fear, almost inaudible.
Evey saw the mask draw even closer, so close she thought she could feel V's breath, the warmth of his skin beneath the mask radiating through.
'Red or yellow?'
'What?' Evey asked and blinked quickly.
'The roses' V replied 'red or yellow. Friendship or love?'
'I don't know.' Evey replied 'I really don't...'
'Don't worry' V almost whispered 'I think in time we'll know, don't you agree?'
'Y...yes. I guess.' Evey replied 'when it's done.'
The mask grew even closer and Evey closed her eyes then, very sure that V was about to kiss her.
"Beauty in a modest woman is like fire at a distance, or a sharp sword beyond reach" V considered, releasing Evey's hand before reaching out to clasp her delicate features.
"the one does not burn, the other wounds those that come too near them. " V thought. Indeed, he'd been mortally wounded by this fragile rose.
'Yes' V spoke in agreement to Evey 'when its done. But not tonight, I think. Not with so many pieces out of place.'
Evey felt a cold pair of ceramic lips kiss her forehead.
Without another word he released her, retreating to fight another day.
Evey opened her eyes in time to see V return to his original place and she felt somewhat foolish for having expected him to kiss her so blatantly.
'Too many,' V spoke ruefully, taking one piece from the pile and setting it in place 'too many to sort, and the time grows late.'
'We'll find them together.' Evey offered.
The mask turned to her 'and if we can't?'
'I think they're all here' Evey spread her hand over the mountain 'all we need is time and patience.'
V considered this for a moment.
'Yes' He spoke softly 'time however, is another matter.'
Evey was silent, trying to think of something to say that might break V's gloom. She spotted a piece amongst the pile and took it.
Without warning V sprang to his feet and straightened his clothes.
'Thank you for keeping me company,' V offered 'but I'm afraid I must excuse myself and retire for what remains of the night.' He extended a hand to Evey 'I hope it was at least entertaining.'
Much to V's surprise, Evey gathered her courage and sprang to her toes, managing to land a quick peck on the mask's rosy painted cheek.
'It was,' Evey spoke and placed a puzzle piece in his hand 'thank you.'
And before he could say another word she disappeared towards her room, pausing only to glance back at V and smile.
'Hope that helps. It was right there all along, we just missed it.'
V's hand touched the place where Evey had kissed him, and he looked at the jigsaw piece Evey had set in his hand.
'It might.' V spoke to himself and reached down to set the red rose piece in place.
Finis of Part II
Qotations from: Charles Reade
Charles Dickens
Miguel de Cervantez
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