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Hello fellow Vigilantians! Just popping in for a quick post. Firstly, there's a new skin! Version 4 is the default skin for the time being, but as always, if you preferred a previous skin, you can always make if your default through Account Info, or change it using the drop down menu located near the bottom of the page. We're currently up to 234 stories, and I could not be happier! We've all contributed and worked together to make this one of the best VfV fanfiction resources on the net. I hope we continue to flourish.

Secondly, the forum is down for the time being. It has been flooded with vile villainous spammers, and until I have time manually clear them out (and there are literally thousands of them), it’s closed. Out of curiosity, how many of you would prefer a livejournal community for the archive? I think that would be an easier way of communicating and listing fic updates. What do you think?

Oh, and remember, remember.. November the 5th is only 10 days away! Get those creative juices flowing!

And.. a Happy Halloween to all!

by pirateystripes on 10/27/07 12:40 am


Holy shit! Lol. The layout really took me off guar. I like the.. left side of it. The right side with the mesh of Guy and Evey looks a bit crazy. But other than that, it's great!.

Vaudeville @ 10/27/07 02:23 am

I agree with Vaudeville: the image of Evey and V on the right side of the banner is freaking me right out! As for an lj archive - you should do it. I already x-post most of my fanfic on lj communities anyway and it might streamline access a bit. Good luck with the spammer backlog: we should punish them with knives!

blythechild @ 10/28/07 11:28 am

lol thanks for all of the feedback! i figured that since Evey takes over V's lifework, it's only fitting to have at least one layout with her in the Guy Fawkes mask. sorry for the creepy factor. :D

i'll start working on a livejournal community sometime this week, and we'll just see where it goes.

pirateystripes @ 10/28/07 11:44 am

I like how you added The Tens to the new layout. I've seen them on other fan fiction sites, and I think they're pretty spiffy. But I must agree, it took me a second to get over the whole "I SEEEEEEE you" aspect of Evey in the banner...

melskylark @ 10/29/07 03:40 pm

Oooh! I would love for this to be a LiveJournal account!! (since I'm there almost 24/7!) ;-)

I really love the new layout and I think you should keep the blended V/Evey pic! It's is a bit odd at first but it's new and I like new! :-D

Happy Halloween!...oh and Freedom! Forever! :-D

pinkarella7 @ 10/31/07 07:20 pm

The new layout looks great. As far as making this a livejournal thing, I think it could work out as long as it was still easy to navigate through the stories without having to search through everybody's posts to get there. I have read some things on a couple of livejournal sites, but I always come back to this site because of the ease of navigation, the tracking of favorites and all of the other good features. I don't know if you could get all of that with a livejournal account, but I don't have a whole lot of experience with it so I could be wrong.

anoke422 @ 11/02/07 08:51 pm

NO! No lj!

ls123987 @ 01/19/08 01:33 pm