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Penname: Undeadturtle [Contact]
Real name: Becca Wilber
Membership status: Member
Member since: 21/07/16
Beta-reader: No
Formerly known as Nightwatchersgirl ( lost the account info on that account ) I got a new novelette I'm working on I have posted a more fluff version over on but as soon as I spice it up to how it should be I'll post it up on here .

TMNT: Rise of the Turtle Clan Bio’s

Kayla ( last name unknown)

• Born ( human )- July 4, 1996, kidnapped 1999

• Hair- Auburn, Eyes- brown,

• Height- 5’ 5” athletic build C cup breasts.

• Relationships – soulmate to Raphael Spring ’14,

- BTFF – Michelangelo,

- special bond with Leonardo

- Spoiled rotten by Donatello

- Only Daughter to Splinter

• Background – once saved the lives of two kids out trick or treating ( Raphael and Mikey ) when she was 13. – Was abused and raped by a man claiming to be her ‘ Step Uncle ‘ for several years until being saved by Raphael in the fall of 2012.

• Trained in Ninjutsu - Leonardo ’12, Splinter late winter ’14

• Joined the Turtles Ninja Clan in ’12, became an official team member spring ‘14


• Hatched - 1996, Mutated -1999 Birthday month August

-Leo 3rd

Height- 6’2”

- Ralph 13th

Height- 6’5”

- Donnie 23rd


- Mikey 30th

Height 6’


• Born a Rat

• Age – Old

• Height- 5 foot

• Adopted Father and Teacher Kayla and the 4 Brothers

April O’Neil

• Age 24

• Height – 5’4” ( barefoot )

• Relationship- Turtle Clans Hogosha ( guardian spirit) since 1999

• In process of Legally Adopting Kayla as a Sister

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