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Summary: Mikey somehow gets turned evil. Just for once he has a darkside Perfered chapter fic.
Categories: Slash Characters: Michelangelo
Summary: the new year has begun, but now something else is going on
Categories: Slash Characters: Leonardo
Summary: Raphael meets superman. The Super hero and vigilante encounter an intense rivalry towards eachother, as they battle it out for the citizen's love.
Categories: Slash Characters: Raphael
Summary: hey, seince i have loged into shell shock, i noticed that there is only 1 story on Venus De Mio! tThe challange is to make a story about Venus: it can be an etrotica, a comady , mabey somthing a bit more serious, as long as its about Venus . good luck!!
Categories: Slash Characters: Venus de Milo
Summary: raph and leo come home wasted and find a half stonned mikey and a dissappointed donnie. raph suddenly remebers his colors and realizes that blue and red makes purple. raph and leo declare donnie their love child and mikey is donnies pain in the butt boyfriend. soon, the "parents" show donnie how he was born and mikey shows how much of a pain the but he really can be. major nc-17
Categories: Slash Characters: Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael