Cantus is a music rotation site that features some of my favorite mp3s for download. Rotations take place whenever I feel the old mp3s have been up long enough. All mp3s are of the highest quality (128 bitrate) and most are ripped from my personal cd collection. There will be no music requests on this site, only songs I love and want to share with the public. If you're looking for some new music that isn't all mainstream, perhaps you'll find something of interest here.

The word 'cantus' is the latin word for music or song.

01: mp3s are for personal use only.
02: mp3s are not to be used on other sites.
03: upload one mp3 at a time please.
04: if you like what you hear, please consider supporting the artist by purchasing his/her cd.
05: you are to delete any downloaded files from your computer after 24 hours. but i won't hold you to that. heh.

ready to download?